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Quality Assurance

We make every effort to ensure that our standards of clinical care and practice management are constantly monitored and updated. In The OrthoDontic Centre dental clinic’s first priority is quality assurance. We ensure every equipment is sterilized and all this procedure is undertaken under the supervision of the doctor itself. The doctor goes thru every procedure and as sterilization and disinfects. And almost all the products in The OrthoDontic Centre are disposable. There will never be a complain of the patient regarding the quality. Every movement in the clinic is done under the eye of the Doctor.

Dentistry is the work that a dentist does. A dentist job is to look after the oral health of their clients. This may also include getting rid of any barriers that may be in the way of the client.

Sterilization is the complete removal of all microorganisms (e.g.: bacteria, viruses’, etc) from the surface area of 'anything' While Disinfection is an in-complete removal of microorganisms from”. Sterilization is process of eliminating or killing all the microbes in a food by heating, irradiating, etc. It is also the method by which all contaminations are completely destroyed. Making sure that surfaces of desk, sink phones, dental equipment, and x-ray developer are properly cleaned and staff members and dental offices are using appropriate measures to ensure that dangerous. Sterilization procedures are very important to any good dental practice. These are a part of basic care and handling of patients that your dentist must incorporate to be able to give you quality oral health care. Our mouths are teeming with microbes, and any dental office that sees a large number of patients a day has an inherent potential for spreading infectious germs between patients and dental staff, through contaminated instruments and surfaces. These can be greatly minimized by following proper infection control procedures. The mouth is a home for many organisms that move from the teeth, gums, tongue, and even lips. As you can see, the mouth is a vessel for organisms to flourish, but there are two specific types of bacteria in the mouth that give dentist cause for concern. Preventing the growth and spread of these microorganisms are two reasons why dental sterilization is so essential.

Disinfection is the killing of pathogenic agents. Choosing a disinfectant depends upon the nature of the item to be disinfected, the concentration of microorganisms present, the innate resistance of those microorganisms, the type and concentration of germicide, the duration and temperature of contact, and other factors specific to manufacturer's instructions. The Orthodontic Centre has designated the terms High, Intermediate or Low level disinfectants based on the products' specific antimicrobial "kill factor," the baseline ability to destroy tuberculosis and other specific organisms.

Three levels of disinfection (High, Intermediate, and Low) are appropriate for "patient care items" that do not require sterilization and two levels (Intermediate and Low) for environmental surfaces. Again, the intended use of the patient care item will help determine the recommended level of disinfection.

High level disinfectants are required to destroy all microorganisms, including bacterial spores and must be proven to kill TB, HIV, and HBV once the items have been cleaned and heat sterilized, or cold sterilized at the appropriate temperature for the recommended amount of time. High-level disinfectants include chemicals such as glutaraldehyde, glutaraldehydes with phenol, hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide with peracetic acid, ortho-pthaldehyde. Appropriate PPE is essential when using these chemicals and should include chemical resistant utility gloves (not medical grade examination or surgical gloves), face shields, protective eyewear with side shields and splash-resistant garments.Intermediate level disinfectants do not necessarily kill bacterial spores, but are tuberculocidal, with HBV and HIV kill claims.

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